Terlingua Chili Cook Off Champion Gene Moffett Reveals Winning Recipe

The 2021 Frank X. Tolbert – Wick Fowler Original Terlingua International Championship Chili Cook Off champion Gene Moffett has revealed his winning recipe.

We met Mr Moffett last year out in the Chihuahuan desert town of Terlingua, Texas, where the 54th annual Wick Fowler chili cook off was taking place. You should’ve heard the war whoops when Mr Gene won the grand prize.

Care to tackle his winning recipe? It’s below. Some of the nomenclature may be odd. Google will be your boon companion here. Continue Reading

2021 Terlingua Texas Chili Cook Off

It’s the Mardi Gras of west Texas. The Frank X. Tolbert, Wick Fowler Terlingua, Texas, Chili Cook Off is in its 54th year and we could not be more excited to make the 1000 mile-plus journey to the Chihuahuan Desert for the shootout.

We’ve been deep in the Texas chili scene for 25 years and will be throwing our own version of the Terlingua Chili party soon.


Scrumptious Chef 13th Terlingua Chili Pop Up
Sunday November 14th
5:30 pm
Tamale House
Austin, Texas


Internatonal Chili Society

In 1970, Carroll Shelby’s International Chili Society sanctioned the Terlingua World Championship Chili Cook Off. Over a half-century later the Society is now challenging firefighters across the US to compete in a so-called Firehouse Chili Challenge in Myrtle Beach in September of this year.

I’m not sure what connection Myrtle Beach has to the world of competitive chili.

My father was a firefighter and a chili cook of uncommon valor and I know that men in that field take their chili very seriously. A gang of burly, hairy men sitting around a firehouse watching boxing on TV and cooking mammoth kettles of chili has long been a trope of American life.

Are you a firefighter who takes a lot of pride in their chili? Inquire here