RL Reeves Jr covers the Deep South cheeseburger scene

I’ve been eating my way across Alabama since I was a teenager riding around on an old Honda Interceptor motorbike. Back then all I really cared about was tar paper shacks serving barbecue out of pasteboard boxes, and fried catfish fish camps that would’ve suited John Steinbeck just fine.

The more rough and tumble it was the better I liked it.

Over time I evolved and started working cheeseburgers into my rambles. more

2020 VIP Ladies and Kids Second Line in New Orleans

The 2020 VIP Ladies and Kids Second Line in New Orleans came lurching and stumbling out of the gate as mass confusion and chaos reigned over the affair. After interminable delays the organizers finally got their shit together – just before the wheels came off.

But after the rough start, the club put on one of the best second lines of the young year. There are now only 12 parades left this season. Hope to see everybody out next weekend. Continue Reading

The legendary Mr Junior of Little People’s Place in Treme

While the swells and fat cats were charging into one another for beads and trinkets on the St Charles parade route, a different kind of Carnival party was going down in the oldest black neighborhood in the US. The Treme hosted our big Scrumptious Chef Cajun gumbo pop up this past weekend and it was a wild scene. Continue Reading