A big Duroc hog enjoys breakfast at Henry Fudge’s farm in Madisonville, Alabama

Would you pay right at $149k a pound for a genuine Kentucky country ham? The biggest ham auction in the USA takes place in Louisville, Kentucky in August each year to kick off the Kentucky State Fair.

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Davila’s Barbecue in Seguin Texas

We’re running low on bacon. Anytime that starts to happen the crew gets anxious. The last time we ran low was back in the winter so we did what any cooking team would do: we drove the 894 mile round trip up to Madison, Alabama to pick up a pork belly from old-timey hog man Henry Fudge. Continue Reading

2017 Kentucky Country Ham Grand Champion

Broadbent Country Hams of Kuttawa, Kentucky took home the Grand Champion prize for best in show at the 2017 Kentucky State Fair. It was their 17th victory.

That 21 lb ham was put up for auction this morning.

Central Bank submitted the winning bid of $325,000 with the monies then being donated to the University of Kentucky.

We live in the most fertile food region of the US but we suffer greatly when it comes to country ham. In spite of New Orleans status as being the finest eating city in the US, a country store in rural Kentucky will afford you a better chance of scoring pluperfect cured country ham.

This was a down year for the big ham auction. Last year’s winner brought in $600k.

How To Dry Cure 12lbs Of Berkshire Hog Jowls

In the 1894 Berkshire Yearbook And Breeding Herds tome, the Berkshire hog is lauded by W.H Embry and Gregory (livestock commission merchants) thusly: “We consider the English Berkshire, as a class, the best hogs for the market. The Berkshire is the best hog to follow cattle as you can make him weigh 300lbs in 10 months and he will walk farther to market than any breed of same fat and weight. Continue Reading

Louie’s Finer Meats

Louis Muench of Louie’s Finer Meats in Cumberland Wisconsin was elected president of the American Association of Meat Processors during the group’s convention in Lexington, Kentucky recently. Mr Muench is a member of the National Cured Meats Hall of Fame. I will consider my life complete if I can somehow, someday become a member of that august Hall.

The American Association of Meat Processors Cured Meat Competition awarded its Grand Champion trophy to Hermann Wurst Haus for its German-style bologna last week. The shootout took place in central Kentucky where the appellation ‘bologna’ sure raised some eyebrows. Lexington is deep in boloney country.

Bootleg charcuterie has always been a thing in the US where the government regulates all forms of meat processing. The Cleveland Scene lays out what it takes to go completely legal. It’s not cheap.