New Orleans police officer Len Davis

Len Davis was a cold-blooded killer, a bodyguard to drug traffickers, and most importantly, a New Orleans police officer with such a fearsome reputation that he was known as “the Desire Terrorist,” an appelation he earned by cracking skulls and robbing drug dealers in the Desire Projects of New Orleans 9th Ward. Continue Reading

Mother Catherine Seals And The Temple Of The Innocent Blood

As you walked through the mud and dirt streets in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans in the 1920s you may have come upon a massive, wooden-walled compound looming over Charbonnet Street near Bayou Bienvenue.

Inside you would have found hundreds of adherents to Mother Catherine Seals, the Black founder of one of the largest religious movements of the early 20th century. Parrots squawked about, alleycats were underfoot and a resident donkey had the run of the grounds. A goat ambled among the chickens pecking the turf. Continue Reading