A 1919 advertisement for Davis Manufacturing Company’s TryMe line of products

In the summer of 1864, Woodruff and Company of Louisville, Kentucky, ran an ad in the local newspaper announcing that they had landed five cases of that most rare and exotic sundry of the day: Royal Bengal Tiger Sauce. This is the earliest mention that I can find of a “Tiger Sauce” being commercially available in the US. Continue Reading

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

I make a po boy at the house that you cannot buy in any restaurant in New Orleans.

  • Smoke a family pack of chicken thighs
  • Pull the skins off
  • Place them in a large medium hot cast iron skillet
  • Slowly cook til crunchy
  • Toast a po boy loaf, slather with mayonnaise, add chicken skins and other garnishes that please you

    Bon Appetit

    Lloyd Price

    The fighting pride of Kenner, Louisiana, Lloyd Price has died at age 88. He was a teenage sensation who burst on the national scene after recording a handful of early hits at Cosimo Mattasa’s J&M Studios on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

    I wrote a feature on him in April of 2020. more

    9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

    A five minute car ride up the river or a five minute car ride towards the levee, there are thousands of homes that were built in the 19th century that are still in tiptop shape. Meanwhile, a Brad Pitt Make It Right Foundation home, built just after Katrina, has had to be demolished due to shoddy construction.