An ad for Kentucky’s infamous Country Ham Motel

The ham auction at the Kentucky State Fair has been a tradition since 1964 when Charles and Harry Gatton of Bremen in Muhlenberg county saw their cured 17.5lb slab sell for $140. The Old House Restaurant in Louisville was the purchaser.

Inflation has hit hard everywhere but nowhere as great as Louisville where Beth and Ronny Drennan of Broadbent Food Products saw their creation sell for $5M last week.

Luther Deaton – the president of Central Bank combined his bid of $2.5M with Joe and Kelly Craft’s equivalent offer to secure $5M for the record-shattering 17.2lb hunk of cured hog meat.

That’s $18,169 per ounce

The moneys will be donated to the victims of Kentucky’s historic flooding that occurred last month.

A Broadbent Ham normally sells for a little under $70.

It’s a great thrill to be in rural Kentucky around the first frost. That’s hog killin’ time and the air is filled with excitement.

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