Royal Pigery, standard meat shop

“Dwight Ely, of Upper Makefield, was elected president of the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) last week during the 82nd Annual Convention of Meat Processors and Suppliers’ Exhibition in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.”

The American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP), is North America’s largest meat trade organization. Being elected president is no easy task and Ely will find his duties in the office to be quite daunting. Read more

Here at Scrumptious Chef we see a lot of site traffic coming from Houston. Space City now has a brand new cured meat food truck: Southwest Pastrami Co. The truck is parked at 9431 South Highway 6 just west and south of downtown. The company is doing California-style pastrami which stands in stark contrast to the east coast version that has spread its tentacles across most of the US. Read more

“In Kolkata, sausage lovers throng the Entally market for fresh, handmade sausages stuffed with a spicy mixture of hand-minced pork and fats, finely chopped onions, fresh coriander, parsley and mint leaves, salt and a special garam masala, a closely guarded secret.” If that description doesn’t make your mouth water there is no hope for you.

I do not see a trip to Kolkata in my future but if I do I shall vector in on the Royal Pigery which is the only shop currently selling the sausage in the above mention. Read more from the pen of Priyadarshini Chatterjee.

Port Arthur, Texas is a rough and tumble village perched on the Gulf of Mexico near Beaumont. The old, broken downtown is a fascinating study if you’re a street shooter looking for raw and grim photo essays. I love Port Arthur.
Big Doobie’s Boudin and Cracklins is a three year old Cajun food truck vending all manners of Acadiana-ish food stuffs to Texans and displaced Louisianans. The business is near Port A, and also near Beaumont.

The truck is a full-on charcuterie kitchen selling hog head cheese, Cajun meat pies, boudin, cracklins, boudin balls, pepper jack balls, Cajun crawfish pie, and pepper jack boudin eggrolls. Prices are similar to the big Cajun meat shops along the I-10 corridor. Read more

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