It’s National Chili Day And We’re Celebrating The Life of Texas Legend Wick Fowler

Texas chili legend Wick Fowler died a half-century ago but in the Lone Star state he’s still spoken of as though he’ll be at the house for supper in just a few hours.

There will never be another man like Wick.

“The Great Chili Confrontation” was born on the 21st of October, 1967 when a few hundred chili fanatics met on the proving grounds of Terlingua, Texas to settle who the greatest chili cook of the day was.

Wick Fowler strode into battle vs northern humorist H.Allen Smith.

The Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated were on hand to cover the affair.

The shootout ended in a draw but Fowler would finally taste victory in 1970. The greatest chili cook of a generation could finally wear the crown.

Just a year and a half later Wick Fowler passed away at age 63.

His legacy is enormous and you can walk into any grocery store in the US today and pick up a packet of his Wick Fowler’s 2-Alarm Chili Kit.

It will fully-power that big cook pot that lives on the back of your range.

The Enduring Legacy Of Texas Chili Legend Wick Fowler

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