Big Bend Brewing is on the comeback trail

I just returned from a 10 day trip to Austin, Texas where I drank a fair amount of local brew. There are approximately 60 breweries in the city but I found myself constantly returning to Convict Hill Stout from Independence, and the world-beating Pilz from Live Oak. I believe there are 15 breweries in New Orleans so we’re still a few years out from being a robust beer destination.

When we parked the car by the remains of the Carn Galver tin mine on the road out of the historical village of Zennor (itself on the road out of the slightly more populous and touristy St Ives), the skies were ominous and brooding as blurring clouds dumped stripes of rain onto the horizon.” Lily Waite walks across Cornwalland enjoys a pint of Harbour Brewing’s Cornish Bitter.

Sandor Katz is a fermentation revivalist. The man has given his life to the art of fermentation, and his 2003 book Wild Fermentation is the bible of the genre. Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee sits down with Katz as the man elucidates on the art of fermentation. It’s a pod or you can read the narrative – your choice.

Dixie Beer is now Faubourg Brewing. Yawn. My idea of Black Panther Brewing was too outre’ I reckon.

I loved Nashville when I was a teenager. It was dirt cheap, rough around the edges, and managed to get a lot of garage punk shows that mysteriously skipped Bham. Those days are long gone. I blame Connie Britton. But, the bonus of all the young, wealthy people moving to the metropolis is the growth of the craft beer scene. Yazoo wasn’t even around when I was roadtripping to the city but the 900lb gorilla of the scene now has a surfeit of young upstarts clawing away at market share. Forbes takes a peek at a handful here.

Bart Watson is a numbers geek with a sense of humor. He looks at GABF using both of his skills here

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