Picking Fresh Hops In The Netherlands, Cervecería Non Grata in Bogotá, Surly, Girl Shooters, Trappistes Rochefort

I can’t imagine a better way to spend an autumn afternoon than plucking fresh hops in a field in Delft in the southern region of Holland. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is roughly 1/3rd the size of the US state of Kentucky, and Delft is just a 45 minute car ride south and west from Amsterdam. Dutch beer writer Tina Rogers talks about her hop picking experience here.

There’s a quaint, quasi-dangerous sport down in Bogotá Colombia called Teo that involves chucking a stone at little white triangular paper packets called mechas which are filled with gunpowder. A night on the town may begin at Cervecería Non Grata drinking Jack el Destripador Bourbon Ale, and end with flash bangs going off and crowds of people drunk on craft beer hollering wildly. Tristan Quigley tells you how to get it done here.

Surly Brewing’s hamfisted efforts to terrorize their employees have at least temporarily ended. Management and workers have come to an agreement on a union election process. I’ll never drink another Surly beer again after their recent stunts more

Are you a woman interested in entering the craft beer industry but have zero interest in brewing? Here are some girl shooters who’ve done it with their cameras more

I’ll never forget my first visit to the Netherlands a quarter century ago. I walked into a curb store, peered into a bottle chiller and before me was a vast array of Belgian beers priced at a couple guilders a bottle. Beers that sold for 50 bucks a six pack in US were as easy to pick up as a Miller back home.

Rochefort Brewery just released their first new beer in 65 years. It’s a heavy blonde ale clocking in north of eight percent alcohol. It’s a limited release so don’t expect to walk into a New Orleans corner store and find it on offer but if you’re heading overseas soon you may be able to find it more

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