RL Reeves Jr reports on the US craft beer scene

Bell’s up in Michigan is preparing to release a 15% monster quad-IPA called ‘Stupid Quadrupid’ They should go all out and do 24 pack suitcases of 16oz cans to really put an exclamation point on the endeavor.

Tenemu has the details here

The biggest and best craft beer festival in the state of Texas is cancelled. I got an email from Texas Craft Brewer’s Festival announcing their decision. The festival had been held at Fiesta Gardens in East Austin for the past few years. Let’s hope they’re just taking a year off and will return in 2021.

When Beny Ashburn and Teo Hunter, the Black couple that now own Crowns and Hops started making the rounds of LA area brewery taprooms they noticed one similarity, they were the only Black people in the rooms. So they decided to enter the industry themselves to see if they could effect a change. Forbes has the details here

I listen to a lot of Boogaloo music. But now it seems as though some racist crackers are attempting to co-opt the word for their own uses. I will continue to listen to Boogaloo as it’s some of the best music on the planet and has been around for 60 some odd years.

“If people are using that term in a derogatory manner, it’s because of ignorance,” Joe Bataan, Latin soul musician.

But this leads us to a Boogaloo-related beer controversy. Currahee Brewing Company out of Georgia and North Carolina saw fit to name one of their new beers ‘Boogaloo’

Shockingly the owner is not a fan of Peruvian or Amazonian cumbia music from the 60s. And he was summarily kicked out of the Asheville Brewers Alliance. You can read about the dustup here

This will get the bad Currahee Brewing fiasco taste out of your mouth. Weathered Souls out of San Antonio has created a stout recipe called Black is Beautiful. They’re donating all the proceeds from the beer’s sales to a good cause, and are encouraging other breweries to make the beer, and do the same. So far over 700 beer makers have signed on to the project. more

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