Photo taken at Big Chief Leonard William Brooks of the Golden Spears Tribe Memorial Celebration

In a recent interview with DJ Action Jackson of WWOZ, the president of New Orleans Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task Force, Tamara Jackson informed listeners that there will be no second lines in New Orleans til at least August of 2021.

This followed Mr Action inquiring as to the immediate future of New Orleans second lines.

Miss Tamara replied “second lines will not be happening in 2020.”

The City of New Orleans informed Miss Jackson that a vaccine will have to be in place before any second lines will be allowed to roll.

Currently public gatherings in the city are officially limited to no more than 10 people. One imagines that the City was willing to ‘look the other way’ as crowds in excess of ten thousand people were routinely taking to the streets over the past three weeks to protest police violence.

And the dread fear that the nationwide protests would cause an explosion in Covid cases?

The explosion never came with health experts attributing the lack of an increase in ‘protest hot’ cities to the relative youth of the protestors and yes, the fact that the protests occurred outdoors.

Which is where the second lines take place.

And the musicians who earn a significant portion of their income from performing for the second line’s social aid and pleasure clubs? They will have to find work elsewhere.

And the street hawkers who sell everything from boiled neckbone plates to $2 bottles of Miller High Life? They will have to find work elsewhere.

Miss Jackson goes on to say that cancelled parades from the current season will not be made up, and in the future, should second lines once again be permitted, each club’s respective Sunday that they traditionally have rolled on will remain that club’s day.

I’ll continue reporting on these matters as events warrant.

Source: There’s No Evidence That Protests Have Caused a Coronavirus Surge
By Adam K. Raymond

  1. Travis M Lewis says:

    So it’s ok to hold a football games but we are not allow to have a second line!! Really that is not right. Some of the decision you guys make is very unfair. Our culture really.

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