Green’s Sausage House in Zabcikville, Texas

I bought a bulldog second hand at a flea market in Boaz, Alabama back in the 90s. Named him Scrap Iron and he became a good friend to me. That little dog loved cured meat. I can picture him staring at a boudin vending machine with slobber hanging off his anvil-heavy jaws.

In Germany, meat vending machines are common, and exist to fill a market niche in small villages where the local butchers close up shop at a decent hour so they can relax and do whatever pleases them in their non-working life.

The Independent has all the details right here.

New Orleans is not exactly boudin country but I bet a few of these would go over well out in Acadiana.

Robert Sietsema trumpets a “Fatty, Cured Meat Sandwich in the Village” that features Portugese chourico, and provolone cheese. While Sietsema’s opinions on barbecue are to be ignored I have no doubt the man knows how to vector in on a good Greenwich Village bodega. Eater has the piece.

One of the particular and peculiar regional US takes on charcuterie is the corned beef eggroll that has sobered up thousands of Detroiters over the decades. While Otis Knapp Lee did not invent the treasured food he served hundreds of them per week at his Mr FoFo’s Deli in Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood. Mr Lee has passed at the age of 72, and NPR has the details.

Green’s Sausage House in Zabcikville, Texas was a favorite of country music legend Jimmy Dean. It opened in 1923. I ran by there last summer when I was in Central Texas on business, and it’s as fine a rural charcuterie parlor as you will ever find. How are they dealing with the dust up we all find ourselves in? Here’s a short human interest video to get you caught up more

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