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The taprooms are shuttered and the bars are all closed yet somehow we’re all still drinking cold, delicious beer. After recent visits to Austin, and Birmingham I managed to collect plenty Spindletap and Blue Pants (RIP) to go with the normal assortment of Louisiana beers I keep on hand in the recesses of the fridge.

How many breweries will be permanently closed after this kerfuffle blows over? It’s too early to tell but there will certainly be a contraction in the industry. Writing eulogies for lost breweries is an ugly part of this job but a necessary one. On to this week’s news:

Arianna Auber has been in the trenches of the Austin beer scene for nearly a decade. She was one of the founders of the Bitch Beer blog, and has been writing about alcohol for the Statesman since 2013. Auber goes in on the women of Austin’s beer scene here.

A buddy of mine used to make a good living selling Live Oak Hefeweizen online. It’s one of the most sought after Hefes on earth and people would pay silly money for him to run down to HEB and ship it to some far-flung, godforsaken land where Live Oak was not available. There’s a vigorous black market economy attached to craft beer.

The most valuable bottles are ones that are super limited, expensive at retail, and allocated very slimly

Anytime my friends in New Orleans find out I’m heading to Austin I start getting phone calls begging for Jester King and Lone Pint brew to be ferried back to the 9th Ward. Eater takes a look at illicit, highly illegal beer aftermarket sales here.

I didn’t know it until earlier this morning but I really need some Montucky Cold Snacks.

We’re the rootinest, tootinest, straightforward American lager this side of the Mississippi, but we’re getting on the East too. No corn or rice grain filler; it keeps the hangover quotient nice and low, great in the sun and in the snow.

Any salesman who can pitch like that is worth his weight in gold. Want to know more about Montucky? more.

The New York Times pens an excellent piece on the arms race being waged on the yeast front in the world of exotic beers.

People are psyched about the beers that are weirder and funkier, generally due to their yeast strains


In “Five Breweries Every Serious Beer Fan Should Visit” Jeff Alworth traipses the globe and reports back from some of the most important beer makers on the planet. I was particularly stricken by Brauerei Schlenkerla. If you’re trapped inside on this gorgeous spring day have a peek to combat cabin fever here.

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