This Week in Charcuterie News: Matthew Secich, Richmond Kentucky Country Ham, Chef John Folse Fête des Bouchers, Asitane in Istanbul

Hearts were heavy last week when our treasured five year old Penn country ham was deemed unservable by the crack team of butchers at Salt and Time in Austin.

The Scrumptious site had turned 10 – we were throwing a party – and now one of the dishes was out of commission. Penn is famous in the world of charcuterie for their country hams and we have no idea what went wrong in the curing/holding process but something happened. On to this week in charcuterie news

Matthew Secich has given up the high pressure life of big city chef to put down roots in rural Maine and open a meat curing concern known simply as Charcuterie. He’s Amish if that matters. And it may as hardworking Amish folks across the globe have used the term to make their cash registers fairly sing. Heading to Maine? Like cured meat? Here’s a little information for your road trip.

The 4-H up in rural Kentucky has an extensive history of coaxing school kids into the world of charcuterie via their country ham curing program. This year, 20 students in the Madison County school system are taking part in a ham curing that began a few days ago and will end in July. Julia Reid, a Madison County 4-H assistant knows one man in the region who’s been curing a ham for over 50 years! link

What the fuck is wrong with people who cram pork liver boudin into king cake and wolf it down as though it were edible?

There is no more important figure in the world of Louisiana food than Chef John Folse. And he’s throwing a party. On February 15th Folse will command a team of some 70 cooks who are putting on a massive boucherie called Fête des Bouchers. Tickets are $85 and only 200 people will be allowed into the event. link

Istanbul’s Asitane restaurant is a ‘gateway’ to the city’s culinary past

  1. Beth Schmidt says:

    hi! i have no idea if you’re still writing this blog or if you can even help me. Your wrote a beautiful tribute to Meacham Ham’s. I grew up with Meacham’s my whole life until I moved from western KY to Tulsa OK. Even then, I still ordered it online. Since then I haven’t been able to find a ham nearly as good. In your coverage of this category, did you scope out any substitutions? I really miss real country ham! -Thanks much!

    • RL Reeves Jr says:

      I am still active. Thanks. You can mail order Benton’s Country Ham from Tennessee and it is great. Hope this helps.rl

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