9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Down here in the 9th Ward of New Orleans most folks know Lizardi Street for a certain quick mart that occasionally sells full-size fried shrimp po boys for an astounding $5.

Historians have a different take on the storied street. Cuban merchant Señor Don Manuel J. de Lizardi built himself something of an empire in 19th century New Orleans. It is he is who the street is named after.

If you care to do some historical property ownership research you’ll find that Lizardi owned many homes, houses and buildings stretched across our city particularly in the French Quarter.

One historical tome referenced Lizardi with the honorific Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary.

Lizardi passed away in 1869.

We were unable to ascertain who inherited his fortune upon his death.

If you like geeking out over the history of New Orleans street names please purchase “Hope & New Orleans: A History of Crescent City Street Names” by Sally Asher.

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