A Recipe For Red Jambalaya With Smoked Deer Meat

I scored a big saddle hunk of venison two weeks ago when a buddy of mine who’s a hunter in Wood County, Texas visited me in New Orleans. After taking possession of the meat I went straight to the backyard and built a fire out of Kingsford charcoal and aged Louisiana pecan wood that I keep stored dry up under the house.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve made jambalaya over the past few years but I reckon it would rival any Melancon or Boudreaux from out in Acadiana. The dish is a staple in our house but this marks the first time I’ve ever made it ‘red’ or Creole as some folks call it.


8 ounces venison, smoked, chopped (deer, elk or axis)

1 c. rice, medium grain, please source from Rayne or Crowley Louisiana if possible

3 each onions, green, chopped

5 each, jalapenos, chopped

2 ribs, celery, chopped

1.75 c. stock, chicken or pork

.5 c. tomato sauce

a few dashes of Cajun Power Worcestershire

cracked black pepper to taste

salt to taste


sauté green onions, jalapenos and celery for 5 minutes in heavy bottom sauce pan (I use grapeseed oil as the fat)

Add venison, sauté 5 minutes longer

Add stock, tomato sauce, and Worcestershire

Bring to boil

Turn pot off and let ingredients steep for one hour

Bring stock back to boil

Slowly sprinkle rice over boiling stock


Turn fire to low

Simmer 20 minutes

Turn fire off, let rest for 10 minutes

Fluff rice into large bowl

Cooking notes

If you can’t lay your hands on venison feel free to use smoked pork or chicken

A rich chicken or pork stock is crucial in this recipe but if you don’t have any on hand make a quick Maggi bouillon solution to use instead

Allowing the venison to steep for an hour really fuses the flavors into the meat and quiets down the ‘gaminess that some folks dislike

If you can’t source Cajun Power Worcestershire use your favorite brand

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