Washing off a pork belly in the charcuterie kitchen of RL Reeves Jr

We normally dismiss out of hand any vegan’s attempts at charcuterie but when Florence Fabricant of the New York Times speaks we listen. It’s doubtful we’ll ever get a chance to try a vegan carrot “hot dog” from Harry & Ida’s but we appreciate anybody who will cure a freaking carrot for seven days and then smoke it for a few hours to keep the vegans well fed and satisfied. Take it away FloFab

When John T. Edge isn’t phoning it in he can summon up some formidable writing powers. Like in this article on Kenny’s Southside Sandwiches, a breakfast house in Chattanooga. John T:

Burnap steeps ham hocks from the Tennessee cure master Allan Benton in cream sweetened with sliced onions and spiked with red pepper flakes.

We’ve been well-steeped in the art of Deep South cuisine since we were little sprouts learning how to turn out a pan of biscuits at the behest of our grandmother Nellie Sullivan. But once in a great while we learn of a southern dish that has escaped our gaze. Like salmagundi. link

USA Today has been a sad joke for decades but they made a savvy business move when they hired Steve Coomes to pen an article on country ham. This is a good primer on the current state of affairs in the world of country ham.

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