The rebirth of Hubig’s Pies

Local media are in full frenzy this morning as Hubig’s Pies has announced a relaunch seven years after their old pie factory in New Orleans Marigny neighborhood burned to the ground.

You know you’re a big timer when Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards issues a press release regarding your concern’s comeback.

Hubig’s Twitter account is oddly silent on the matter.

Hubig’s LLC acquired a small business loan guarantee from the state that will help the company secure financing for the Jefferson Parish facility. Hancock Whitney Bank will be the guarantor.

Jefferson Parish is adjacent to New Orleans and widely mocked among New Orleanians whose tune may soon change as Hubig’s puts down stumps in our western neighbor.

Hubig’s is expected to benefit from the state’s Industrial Tax Exemption and Enterprise Zone programs.

14 hardworking locals will be under Hubig’s employ once the business is under full steam.

Hubig’s expects to incur $1.37 million in startup costs.

When my sister and I were kids we’d beg our parents to buy us Hubig’s Pies from the curb store. Coconut was my all-time favorite but lemon was a good backup plan.

Local bakery Haydel’s attempted to cash in on the small pie market while Hubig’s regrouped but their product was baked, not fried, and brought to mind a pile of sawdust with sugar sprinkled on top.

Once we can lay our hands on the real article we’ll be making Leon Galatoire’s infamous Hubig’s Pie Lemon Bread Pudding


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