2019 Festival International Music Lineup

UPDATE Festival International has now issued the calendar for the musical acts.

Acadiana’s Festival International just dropped their 2019 music lineup and as was expected it’s a good one. Remember how laid back and low key Jazzfest was in the 80s? That’s the current state of affairs in downtown Lafayette when Festival rolls through.

It’s a trip. Oh, and it’s one of the best festivals in the state for eating. Dozens of the best Cajun cooks in the region gather to vend a murderer’s row of old school hot pots filled with gumbos, jambalayas, etouffes, and courtbouillons.

Alligator is one of the chief proteins.

24 different countries are on offer for the 33rd year of Festival with Sudan’s Alsarah and the Nubatones being the first band from their country to perform at the giant party.

Cha Wa and Tank and the Bangazs represent New Orleans.

I saw Haiti’s Boukman Eksperyans play here at Armstrong Park yesterday and they’ll be flying back to Louisiana for Festival.

the lineup

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