A specialty sausage that you will only find in Louisiana: Andouille sausage and crawfish

I hope I find out I’m going to die a week in advance so I can hurry over to Bavaria to visit butcher Claus Boebel who has opened the Boebel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast, a sausage-themed hotel near Nuremberg (26 miles).

The small concern only holds seven rooms but more than makes up for its size by serving all manners of sausage in an environment bedecked in wurst arcana. You’ll begin your day with a sausage feast at breakfast before segueing into sausage workshops, a sausage-themed lunch, and perhaps a visit into Ritterbach village followed by more sausage at supper time. Jew? Muslim? Feast on beef sausage instead of the more common pork. link

In the world of U.S bacon, Allan Benton of Madisonville, Tennessee is a monolith. I’ve been eating his charcuterie since I was a teenager and if you like your cured meats heavy on the smoke, and even heavier on the salt his form is beyond reproach. Have you ever wanted to peer inside his rural smokehouse? link

The estimable Roads and Kingdoms website has penned an excellent guide to Barcelona’s Boqueria (market). If you haven’t been it’s roughly on par with Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or Budapest’s Central Market Hall. link

The German Butchers Association has flown into Wisconsin for a big cured meat shootout in Madison. We’ll have more on the results soon but you may tide yourself over with this preview piece link

  1. Stephanie Cubero says:

    The BBB&B looks like a fun place to visit, if not stay! I’ll be in Nuremberg in May, was hoping to make a side trip. Sadly, when I googled Rittersbach, I discovered that it isn’t anywhere near Nuremburg. It’s actually closer to Stuttgart near the French border. Darn.

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