The two things we miss most about Texas: Roadside taco stands and hundreds of local craft breweries

Just a reminder that when you’re at your neighborhood brewery drinking that $7 pint of microbrew that means $992 dollars goes into that concern’s coffers when they kick that particular keg. Not a bad little markup. Drink up y’all.

The Motley Fool’s weekly column is always a good read, and they recently devoted a column to the economics of beer both craft and otherwise. Take a gander here.

The Chicago Sun Times fans out across Illinois to visit tiny towns with tiny breweries. That little dilapidated town that you used to visit to see granny once a year? If it has a microbrewery it may be a new buzzy destination for folks looking to get drunk in the hinterlands. more

Deb Carey, co-owner of legendary brewery New Glarus got bummed out when her future hubby Dan showed up at her trailer park in Montana for their first date bearing two 6 packs of beer. I’ve never met a woman like that in my life. New Glarus turned 25 this year, and they’ve gone about the business of being iconoclasts with a particular Midwestern-bent. more

I love reading agriculture articles related to beer. There are hop farms in bizarre places like Kentucky, and Tennessee where moonshiners and pot farmers are taking a break from busting down county roads in hotrod minivans to try and eke out an honest living raising hops. Colorado jumped on the hops bandwagon too. With mixed results.

Thrillist just released their annual list of each U.S state’s “best brewery” Uh, Great Raft was not Louisiana’s entry thereby making the rest of the article null and void. Look it up if you want, we’ll be kicked back with a tallboy of Creature of Habit, for our money the best beer ever produced in the Pelican State.

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