Waiting on a hotplate in Meridian, Mississippi

We live in one of USA’s greatest neighborhoods for soul food: New Orleans 9th Ward. We can walk or drive to dozens of dirt cheap, delicious cafes, and gas stations where a common fried chicken special is two pieces for .99c.

What is soul? Soul is a joint wrapped in toilet paper, that’s what I learned from Funkadelic on their self-title long player from 1970. That records so good I bought two copies.

Across New Orleans dozens of mom and pops are wheeling out hotplates of fried chicken, collard greens, corn bread, red beans and rice, gumbo, and enough sweet treats to send all of Louisiana straight to the obesity ward.

Come Sunday we sweat it all off dancing on the second line.

They don’t have things as good out in San Francisco. Long running soul food restaurant Farmerbrown has shuttered. Eater has the details link

We have dozens of dishes that we “hang our hat on” as the people say. But around the holidays the one kettle that people beg like scurvy dogs over is our famous Etowah County Green Beans dish. It’s not particularly difficult to make but it does have a few steps. Oh, and the vegans can fuck right off as the crux of this vegetable is bacon and plenty of it link Etowah County is in Alabama.

The Telegraph newspaper over in Macon lists seven restaurants in Georgia that serve more than just “fried chicken and mac and cheese” link
We could eat fried chicken and mac and cheese every single day without a complaint but the piece does explore some lesser known corners of the Peach State.

Chicken Bog is South Carolina’s version of jambalaya and it’s every bit as good. But it’s a dish that has remained bafflingly hard to find on restaurant menus in the region. Ms Margaret’s in Conway is doing their part to change that. Oh, and they also have the staples like fried shrimp, stewed tomatoes, chicken wings, grits, and cornbread. link

We love Memphis and have been traveling up there since we were kids. The Commercial Appeal is on hard times but they did manage to send a reporter out into the field to find the city’s best fried catfish parlors. link

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