A big Duroc hog enjoys breakfast at Henry Fudge’s farm in Madisonville, Alabama

Would you pay right at $149k a pound for a genuine Kentucky country ham? The biggest ham auction in the USA takes place in Louisville, Kentucky in August each year to kick off the Kentucky State Fair.

Broadbent Country Hams out of Kuttawa, Kentucky won the big country ham shootout held in Louisville last month. The 18.77lb ham sold for $2.8 million

The butcher’s craft calls for taking things apart, namely animals. What’s been most interesting about Piece of Meat is how this new Mid-City spot brings different things together.

Ian McNulty speaks on New Orleans latest entry in the cured meat industry: Piece of Meat

Smoking and curing date back to 3500BC when long before fridges, treating meat in this way most importantly prolonged it’s life as well as flavouring it, making it one of the earliest documented food-preservation techniques.

Emma Henderson visited a bacon workshop hosted by the esteemed River Cottage. If the pound ever slips to a manageable level we’ll make our way over there. link

Detroit’s corned beef chefs fold an egg roll wrapper around a small pile of razor-thin corned beef, then dips the package into a deep fryer until it is crisp. In its original form, the cured meat is accompanied by gooey, white cheese like mozzarella or Swiss.

If they could manage to lift the city of Detroit up and deposit it somewhere around Gadsden, Alabama we’d move there in a minute. It’s big, urban, filled with great food, and has the proper amount of noble rot. Unfortunately it’s deep in the snow belt and we have no truck with that. link

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