A pot of jambalaya from the kitchen of RL Reeves Jr

Holly Clegg is a food writer for the New Orleans Advocate. Holly Clegg is the sole arbiter of a jambalaya recipe competition that the Advocate is producing to show the swells in Washington D.C how to make authentic Louisiana jambalaya.

Holly Clegg has no idea what jambalaya is.

A couple months ago we were sitting in the backyard reading the Advocate newspaper, and having our morning cup of coffee made with beans from Try Me Coffee Mills. Our ears perked up when we saw a recipe authored by Ms. Clegg claiming to be jambalaya.

It was not.

Here’s a link to the recipe.

While Clegg claims this to be a formula for “Speedy Crawfish Jambalaya” it’s actually a recipe for smothered rice. And it features a jar of store-bought salsa.

While Marcelle Bienvenu is sitting a front porch in Acadiana, Clegg is judge and jury of a jambalaya recipe competition.

This is the world of New Orleans food journalism these days.

If you’d like to tackle a real recipe for jambalaya we humbly submit ours.

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