Johnny Cash’s Chili Recipe

In spite of my southern drift I’ve eaten chili year round since I was just a little shaver dependent on my aunts and grandmas to make my food for me. It’s about to start hitting the 90’s in New Orleans and I’m still making a minimum of one pot per week.

I’m a lifer in the chili con carne game.

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Last week I was doing what I always do, reading old newspaper articles about chili, when I stumbled upon a human interest piece on Johnny Cash. It was from the era when Cash had become a reprobate and was likely a spin piece put out by his publicity team.

No matter.

Presented without further ado:

Johnny Cash’s Chili Recipe

5 pounds sirloin steak or deer meat

3 packages chili seasoning mix (McCormick’s mild)

Chili powder (Mexene) to taste

1 t. chili con carne seasoning (Spice Island)

1 T. cumin

1 T. thyme

6 sage leaves

2 each onions, chopped

6 each chile peppers, jalapenos, chopped

3-4 cans red kidney beans

3-4 cans whole tomatoes

1 can tomato paste

Garlic powder to taste

Onion powder to taste

2 tablespoons sugar

Salt to taste


* Chop steak

* Cook with little shortening until medium done.

* Add chili seasoning mix, cook 5 minutes.

* Add beans, tomatoes, spices, onions, sugar, chili powder and chili con carne mix. If chili is too hot, add 1-2 cans tomatoes. Add tomato paste. If too thick, add water. Simmer on low heat 20 minutes. Serve with crackers.

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