Joe Frady at his 9th Ward po boy shop

New Orleans’ Bean Madness tournament continued yesterday as Frady’s One Stop defeated Cake Cafe to secure a spot in the Final Four.

We were sitting on the couch.

Parsing the affair’s website (when it’s actually up) we failed to note that the tourney was taking place yesterday; we were under the impression that the next round was taking place this weekend.

We’ll be getting an earful from Joe Frady at some point this week.

Ian McNulty over at the Advocate has all the details on the final round of the tournament here.

9th Ward bookies will have a busy week setting odds and raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars on the action.

When the law took down the ‘TinyTuna’ betting site back in ’07 area bookmakers rejoiced.

Now you’ll need to go to a local bar to place your bets.

While the days of Sam Saia are long gone it’s not hard to find a place to get some action in New Orleans.

I looked over a few prominent Vegas-based online books and it doesn’t look like any of the big ones are taking action on Bean Madness.

Life goes on.

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