National Chili Day is the fourth Thursday of every February. In certain pockets of the US this gives adherents to the ways of chili a day of celebration and reflection.

The enterprising chili scribes at WCPO are willing to let you know about the “Top 9 Cincinnati Chili Parlors” if you’ll be so kind as to subscribe to their website for the low price of $79.00. We’re not down with ground beef drenched in a paste of wet cinnamon powder so we’ll pass.

Here in Texas, chili as a form is celebrated hundreds of times per annum at cookoffs scattered from Muleshoe to Port Arthur. Some are certified, others are more of a bootleg affair with attendees doing shots of rattlesnake sperm between heats that determine who the boss of the chili pot is.

We love chili but eating it out is getting harder and harder. Too many Texas chili cooks put all sorts of weird, non-meat substances in their bowls leading to foods that could possibly be construed as ‘good’ but are certainly not Texas Red.

In New Orleans we can not name one reputable chili parlor in a city filled with hundreds and hundreds of restaurants.

We’re currently plotting out a trip to San Antonio Texas which is the birthplace of chili in the United States. Can’t make it to the River City?

How To Make Authentic San Antonio Chili

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