RL Reeves Jr Speaks On Chili Con Carne

RL Reeves Jr Speaks On Chili Con Carne

One of the most popular portals on the Scrumptious Chef website is The Art And Science Of Chili where our cooks and writers post recipes and blog about the pleasures of a well-crafted kettle of chili.

We were doing chili research when we stumbled upon the Reddit Chili Appreciation Society forum where over 2,000 members meet to discuss the art of one of the most revered foods of the world.

Let it be said right from the start that we are ecclesiastics when it comes to this dish and are ardent in our belief that there is no finer thing in this world than a steaming bowl of Texas Red served with chopped sweet onion (raw) and a hunk of Longhorn cheddar on the side.

Oh to have been alive 100 years ago and feasting in San Antonio at “La Plaza del Chile con Carne.”

Let’s pass the mic to Alexander Sweet, an old San Antonio newspaperman and the founder and editor of Austin’s “Texas Siftings”: “He will see an array of tables and benches, and he will be assailed by the smell of something cooking. At the fire are numerous pots and kettles, around which are dusky, female figures, and faces that are suggestive of `the weird sisters’ whose culinary proclivities were such a source of annoyance to Macbeth. These are the chile con carne stands, at which this toothsome viand is sold to all who have the money and inclination to patronize them.”

Now we are starving and over 500 miles from San Antonio.

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