We’re cheating just a little bit on the veracity of this post’s title as this old abandoned movie theater sits just a few blocks outside of the proper Upper 9th Ward.

As you proceed lake-bound on Franklin Avenue from St. Claude, the boundary of the Upper 9th follows Almonaster at the confluence of Franklin.

But we could not resist posting this photo as we love old movie theaters and this abandoned hulk is quite the sight to see.

9th Ward Daily Photo: The Grit Adult Theater via RL Reeves Jr

9th Ward Daily Photo: The Grit Adult Theater via RL Reeves Jr

This is the old Tiger Theater, a sister to two other old, long-shuttered New Orleans movie houses: The Pitt and The Delta.

The Tiger opened in 1950 and closed nearly a quarter century later in 1973. In 1974, the theater would reopen as a porno house called the Riget. One imagines this was to save money on an expensive sign as the new tenants could just swap a couple letters and voila!

In 1976 the Riget would morph into the Grit Adult Theater enjoying a four year run til closing for good in 1980.

Hat tip to Cinema Treasure, an excellent site devoted to documenting current and shuttered movie houses.

The Grit Adult Theater
2941 Franklin Avenue
New Orleans, LA

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