Proud to live in the greatest city in the USA.


Y’all call this summer hot? We were laughing our asses off when NOLA natives were warning us back in the Spring “Get ready for the heat, you’ve never experienced anything like New Orleans summers”

Yeah. Except for living in Austin since the 90s where 110 degrees with 95% humidity rolling off the Colorado river that bisects the urban core of the town is the order of the day-for 3 months straight.

We can’t get enough of this cool New Orleans weather.

Hop Shack visits Pizza Domenica over on Magazine Street.

F&B Department continues to kill it with a quick retrospective of Tales of the Cocktail and then an unimaginably delicious Vanilla Bourbon Cherry Ice Cream recipe that doesn’t require an ICE CREAM MAKER

Suck The Heads hits Steak Night at Rivershack Tavern

Just when we thought all hope was lost for scribe Robert Peyton he managed to wiggle the word jackanapes into a review. Now if he would whittle a few “your reporter”s out of his prose he would be much more tolerable. Onto his Hi Hat review

Hey whatever happened to Napkin Local? Hope the blogger behind it isn’t in the OPP, he has flat gone to ground in July. And we miss Hungry Celeste too, after her whimsical take on blackberries she appears to have evaporated into the swamp air. Oh and RIP Blackened Out, they used to put up some good work but that blog is dead in the water.

last week’s This Week In New Orleans Food Blogs: Wink’s Bakery, Superior Seafood, Pigeon Town, Riccobono’s

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