Beer lines in Michigan; a craft beer scribe; beer doc; a beer museum, and the state of craft beer in Tasmania are all writ large in this week’s craft beer roundup. Austin isn’t the only town that enjoys a good line standing session. A tale from Grand Rapids Michigan and the origin of Founder’s legendary Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Craft Beer for the Homebrewer by Michael Agnew reviewed. 38 recipes from some of the biggest names in the craft beer world

Banger’s, the 900lb gorilla of craft beer (100+taps) in Austin is hosting the Texas premiere of Craft, a documentary on microbrew.

The Prague Beer Museum

Tasmania craft beer news; companies all around the world are itching to get their hands on the niche varieties of hops grown only in Tasmania’s fertile Derwent Valley

Last week’s: This Week In Craft Beer News: Town In City Brewery, Hops And Grain, Pliny The Younger, The Bruery

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