6 weeks is a long time, but it goes by in about 20 minutes nowadays. Our Scrumptious Chef cook team should be well rested by mid-June 2013, when we swing back into motion with our latest pop up restaurant (number 11.) Eventbrite http://burgerproject.eventbrite.com/

“Origins Of The American Hamburger” will be a fun event. We’ll be circumnavigating the United States for this food party, as we serve sandwiches that will represent the 4 restaurants that claim to be the birthplace of the humble hamburger.

Starting in Louisville, Kentucky with Kaelin’s Restaurant.

Margaret and Carl Kaelin opened Kaelin’s Restaurant on January 22nd 1934.

Kaelin did not dispute that the hamburger had been around for ages prior to that storied year.

From veteran trencherfolk, Jane and Michael Stern: Mr. Kaelin was “never satisfied with the ordinary” and one day while manning the grill, Kaelin dreamed that “if he put a slice of cheese on top of a hamburger patty just before it was done the cheese would melt down into the patty and add a new tang to the hamburger”

It cost 15 cents.

Kaelin would go on to become the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchisee in Louisville in 1955.

Interestingly, October 12th of each year is Cheeseburger Day in Louisville.

Cooking method: cast-iron pan, as luck would have it-from Kentucky

Cooking medium: cow’s butter

Topping: American cheese, leaf lettuce, tomato, white onion

Bread: White flour hamburger bun shipped straight from Kentucky.

Condiment: mayo

Please eat this sandwich the way the inventor intended.

Pair with a big frosty glass of our handmade rootbeer, an order of handcut french fries or an order of handcut onion rings.

ed note: this is part one of a 4 part series, and yes, Texas has a very strong claim as to invention of the form.

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