Providing extensive coverage of Austin’s full blown gone nuclear craft beer scene is a daunting task but one that Austin Beer Guide tackles with aplomb. They also know how to throw a very fine party as was witnessed by their epic blowout at Draught House a couple months ago. We got in while the getting in was good. By the time the party was in full swing you were looking at a full 30 minutes to even think about getting a fresh brew. The staff had their hands full with dozens of thirsty drinkers forming block long queues.

Anybody that thinks print media is dying should examine the Austin Beer Guide model. The folks over that way are putting out thick magazines, 4 times per annum, with all the Central Texas beer coverage you could want or need.

Their online resource is even better as they’ve gone into the podcast business so you can sit back at the house with a cold beer from your fridge and listen to local brewers tell their drunken tales.

Hot link to their site

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