We were first in line.

When word got around town back in Winter of 2011, that former Jeffrey’s chef Ray Tatum was back in the game, and about to open his own pig-based food truck, we started foaming at the mouth at the chance to sit down once again at the table of the legend.

Game changer. Yes, there were some notable cooks in town working in food trailers but none had the resume of Tatum, the old lion of Austin’s fine dining community. Since that glorious day, we’ve broken bread dozens of times at 3 Little Pigs, parked hard up against East Austin’s only winery; East End Wines.

You’ve got to have a plan of attack. With the wine shop’s on premise consumption permit now in place, we like to roll in, tell Sam Hovland, the sommelier, about a great $30 bottle we had way back when; he then sells us a $15 version that’s just as good so we can still have plenty dough left over for a few plates of chow from 3 Little Pigs.

This Saturday Feb 2nd 2013 Ray Tatum’s celebrating 2 years in business by rolling out a bunch of special menu items from 5-10 pm:

Red chile pulled pork quesadilla with guacamole

Pig cheeks, black beans, salsa verde

Fried Venison sausage and brussels sprouts

Korean style barbecue pork w/ carrot daikon salad, and kim chee

The rest of the regular menu will be available as well. We’ve had a hard time getting away from the pork belly slider and/or the pork crackling laced meatloaf but we’re going to attempt to try at least one of these specials.

Austin had 1260 food trucks last time we got a hard figure. Read about how 3 Little Pigs bested them all to be named number one http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2012/12/26/2012-Year-End-Review-Food-Trailer-Of-The-Year-Raymond-Tatums-3-Little-Pigs

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