Each of the 365 days in a regular calendar year has a food holiday attached to it. There’s National Brisket Day, National Hot Dog Day etc etc.

We normally ignore them for what they are; an industry’s endeavor to shine a little light on whatever food group need some marketing to boost revenue.

But we got real excited this morning when we noted that it was National Corn Chip Day. Not sure why they didn’t just call it what it is; National Fritos Day. Is there even a corn chip that’s not made by Frito Lay? Living in Texas and writing about food means you’re going to spill quite a bit of ink in the Fritos and Frito Pie direction. Last week it suddenly dawned on us that we’d eaten Frito Pies 4 meals in a row! Having a kettle of carne molida will do that to a body.

We have one man to thank and we wrote a biography: Consumed By Fritos: The Life of Charles Elmer Doolin

“The life of C.E Doolin, the man who brought Fritos into popular culture, is fascinating. As a confectioner in San Antonio in the 1930s Mr. Doolin became obsessed with adding a corn product to the coterie of goodies he was already offering. It’s not known why Doolin developed this obsession but the prevalence of masa in San Antonio food culture may have played a role.”

The piece http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/5/31/Consumed-By-Fritos-The-Life-of-Charles-Elmer-Doolin?adminview=true

Of course, if you’re going to write an ode to the great man you need to follow it up with a Frito Pie recipe: Authentic Tex Mex Part Ten: The Ultimate Frito Pie Recipe

“During the research period for my piece on Charles Elmer Doolin, the man who brought the Frito into popular culture, I developed a powerful craving for a Frito Pie.” The piece http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/6/2/Authentic-Tex-Mex-Part-Ten-The-Ultimate-Frito-Pie-Recipe?adminview=true

Now they just need to go ahead and declare a National Nixtamalization Day.

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