We love writing about chili.

We love reading about chili.

We love cooking and eating chili.

While it’s inalterably true that Texas Red is the heavyweight chili champ of all time, there are lots of other, lesser, but still delicious, chilis out there.

Over on the Austin 360 site, local food writer Addie Broyles ponders secret weapons you may use in your chili. Our ultimate, not so secret, weapon, is handmade stock. You may take a lot of time and effort with your chili, but if you’re not making your stock from scratch, you’re pissing up a rope.

It’s how you create depth of flavor. Yes, bouillon can aid and assist you but nothing beats scratch stock. Broyles offers this oddball ingredient to get the discussion flowing: “I can’t seem to make chili without a healthy dose of Indian spices, no matter if it’s a high end garam masala or vindaloo blend from a spice shop or a generic “curry” powder from the bulk section of the grocery store.”

Bizarre. We were at a punk rock house party a couple weeks ago and there was a communal crock pot filled with a vegan chili that was suffused with curry. Taste buds went into full palsy mode. It was good but was it chili?

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