Is it beer festival season already? Apparently.

A cursory tour across the internet yields little info on the 2013 Austin Specialty Beer Festival benefiting Boys & Girl’s Club of the Austin Area (Sat Feb 23 2013) Even their website offers little in the way of real information.

The organizers trumpet the fact they’ll have “Lagers, Ales, IPA’s, Stouts, Porters, and Hefes” but no mention is made of what brands will be offered. Russian River? Lost Abbey? Blue Moon?

Maybe they don’t even know. Austin got burned hard last year at the Austin Beer Fest At Travis County Expo Center. That shameful tale is told here–Brent-Villareal-What-Went-Wrong-At-Austin-Beer-Fest-At-Travis-County-Expo-Center

So the craft beer community is likely to cast a wary eye toward all future festivals. Especially when the lone brand that the latest festival is offering on their website is Newcastle. In a “Grande Beer Garden”

Of course using the word Grande will put the Latino community on notice that they are more than welcome. A bit of savvy marketing in the new East Austin?

In keeping with Austin’s love of food trucks

Boss Hogs Kitchen


Peached Tortilla

Pig Vicious and

Way South Philly will be on site vending.

Here’s the hotlink to the website of the affair

update: here’s the list

Abita Brewing

Alaskan Brewery

Artisanal Imports

Avery Brewing Company

Belukus Imports

Boulevard Brewing

Breckenridge Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery

Bourgogne Des Flandres


Dogfish Head Brewery

Full Sail Brewing




Maui Brewing Company

Merchant Du Vin Imports

North Coast Brewing

Ommegang Brewery

Orval Trappist

Oskar Blues Brewery

Pinkus Brewery

Real Ale Brewery

Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Samuel Smith Brewery

Sierra Nevada Brewery

Ska Brewing Co.


Stiegl Brewery

Stone Brewery

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