There are plenty things to dislike about Austin’s meganaut of a grocery store; Whole Foods, but they’re doing some good work too.

Their Whole Kids Foundation just turned 1 and they racked up some impressive numbers over the past year.

* They funded eight hundred and eighty six school garden grants via a partnership with Foodcorps. * They also funded fourteen hundred and fourteen salad bars across USA schools allowing access to fresh greens for over a million school kids.

* Raised over $2 million to keep these programs going.

Check out their website and see how you can get involved to help, who Homey The Clown called, the chirren.

We get tons of emails from restaurants and grocery stores delivered to our inbox touting one thing or the other and we mainly ignore them but this one stuck out. We grew up out in the country and ate fresh vegetables year round via the magic of canning and seal a meal-freezing.

Lots of urban kids don’t have it so good, so when we read about a company helping feed kids wholesome, delicious vegetables we feel like it bears mentioning.

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