This weekly article has grown some serious legs. I’m not sure if it’s due to our readers actually looking for work or just folks who get a vicarious thrill knowing that there are tons of culinary school grads who pull down under 17k for forty hours of work per week.

You read that right. As I’ve crawled the ads for this weekly post I’ve noticed lots of restaurants requiring a culinary degree then offering these workers $8 per hour. Enough of that for the time being. Here are the most intriguing sounding food service industry jobs currently being offered in Austin. Texas Sake Company is looking for folks who can help rep their brand at area farmers markets. Gig is part time and pays ten bucks an hour. “Understanding of Japanese culture and norms” would be helpful

How do you look in a bikini? Bikinis Sports Bar is staffing up, presumably so they can spirit you out to the hill country to work in the town the corporation just bought and named Bikinis Texas. Sound fun?

Want to get in on the food truck revolution that’s sweeping Austin? An unnamed mobile food truck is looking for workers. “Must be able to drive standard transmission and feel comfortable behind the wheel of a big truck” pays ten bucks an hour

The revolving door that is the kitchen at Haddington’s is looking for help. Again. Any line cooks reading? Pay is d.o.e. We all know what that means

We close out with a bizarre entry. A senior community named Longhorn Village is looking for a mixologist. Mixologists served drinks. Bartenders serve people. The bar out that way closes at 9pm so there’s that.

Good luck job hunters. Owners and managers, got a job you want listed? Send it in.

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