While Chef Victor Polanco will continue to do catering functions, his star chef caliber food trailer; Pachamama’s Peruvian Creole Cuisine operation has ceased. This is a loss on par with the closure of Odd Duck Farm To Trailer and hits with the same magnitude as when Arancini shuttered down in Bouldin Creek.

It’s unfathomable that such a delicious, beast of a food trailer could close in a town as hungry for good food as Austin, Texas. Unfathomable. We only ate at Pachamama’s a handful of times but were quite frankly blown away by the level of skill exhibited by the chef. Victor Polanco was putting out plates of food that easily could have sold for $30-40 in a brick and mortar and he was doing it for a third of that.

We’ll be following this talented chef as he continues his career in Austin. Maybe we’ll get wind of a catered function he’s doing and slip in quietly to gobble down some beef heart skewers before anyone’s the wiser. Those bloody, mineral-y bits of deliciousness are the stuff that make men into legends.

Now it’s time to just gaze off toward the little trailer yard down on Cesar Chavez and dream of those magical nights spent under the fairy lights with a bottle of cheap champagne and the purple dusk settling in while we hovered over plates of some of the finest cuisine Austin, Texas has ever been fortunate enough to savor.

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