We’re in love with Cenote Cafe. The new kids in East Austin’s coffee game have come hard out of the chute. We come here for ice-cold, Texas micro-brews, fresh brewed Cuvee coffee and some of the best pastries in Austin.

Whoever’s providing their baked goods is near the top of the pastry game in town. Special note must be made of the brownie, normally a throwaway at most cafes, this one is reminiscent of mom’s version-an Eastern Kentucky legend known as the “chocolate embolism.” So very good.

Ambiance is fine. Should you choose to sit inside, there’s a giant, velvet couch that you may sprawl out on while you waste your life away on tumblr or pinterest. The front porch has a handful of tables that afford a view of the hobos staggering down the sidewalk that butts up against Cesar Chavez, and there’s a bit of yard seating as well.

Plenty to like at Cenote Cafe.

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