Last year I scored some hogs heads from a buddy of my dad’s who raises pigs for a living. As luck would have it I was in New Orleans right after I picked them up.

I Walked from the Marigny all the way to Domenica on Baronne Street occasionally stopping into a bar for a cold cocktail-with one of the saran wrapped hog’s heads perched on my shoulder the whole time.

Popped into the kitchen to say hello to chef Alon Shaya and see how life had been treating him and to see if by chance he had any use for a fresh pig head.

As luck would have it, his crew was vacuum sealing a big batch of fresh hog’s head cheese so we did the trade right there; one big ol fresh head for a pound or so of the best head cheese I’ve ever eaten.

Here’s a photo of a few slices of the head cheese frying up in a pan. I used it as a garnish for some Tennessee grits at a food party a while back.

Why Domenica is the best restaurant in New Orleans

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