Productivity on the day to day running of this site is bound to taper off as I’m currently penning 2 chapters per week on my coming treatise on Texas barbecue.

This is going to involve quite a bit of travel around Central Texas as I uncover and revisit 50 barbecue restaurants in the next few months. It’s exciting but also exhausting.

Without further ado. Here are the top 5 articles we posted this week. As always determined by page views. 1] The doyenne of New York City’s craft cocktail scene; Kathryn Weatherup, is preparing to open a branch of her Weatherup bars in the former Azul building on Cesar Chavez

2] We penned a piece on Dr. Martin Luther King and his favorite foods along with recipes of course

3] New Austin food trailer Nomad Dosa prepares to open right where Franklin Barbecue used to stand

4] We visited La Boite Cafe, the tiny coffee shop built from a repurposed shipping container near the state capitol building. Barrie Cullinan croissants? Yes.–La-Boite-Cafe-Hot-Coffee-and-Barrie-Cullinans-Croissants?adminview=true

5] Spy photo: Silo on 7th, a brand new restaurant prepares to open on e.7th st

bonus: foundering along like a motherless baby wallaby this article about a brand new Peruvian food trailer in East Austin needs your attention

Last weeks top 5 Austin Texas food articles–January-14th–2012?adminview=true

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