This time of year in Austin, Texas everything we cook has Hatch chiles in it. Breakfast tacos? Hatch chiles. Pot Roast? Hatch Chiles. Tuna Sandwich? Hatch chiles.

Yesterday I was knocking out a batch of banana bread and I damn near put some Hatch chiles in it.

The harvest only comes once a year and we have to eat as many peppers as we can for a couple weeks, then roast 15lbs to put up in the freezer to get us through the Winter. When a particularly nice looking trough of fresh sweet corn at Fiesta Mart presented itself the other day I immediately thought of how delicious a corn soup powered by Hatch chiles would be.

This is the result.


6 each Corn, ears, stripped of kernels, cobs reserved

8 each Chiles, Hatch, roasted, chopped

1 bunch Green onions, giant, chopped

1 c. Cream, heavy, whipping

Pat butter


* In large stockpot bring 4 quarts water to boil

* Add stripped corn cobs

* Simmer for one hour, reserve corn stock

* Melt butter in stockpot

* Add corn, cook 10 minutes

* Add chiles, cook 10 minutes

* Add green onions, cook 5 minutes

* Pour in reserved corn stock, blend well

* Dip out 2 cups of soup, puree in food processor, return to kettle

* Bring to boil

* Add heavy cream, simmer for 20 minutes

* Adjust flavors with salt and pepper

Voila! This is a luscious, summery tasting soup. If you’re an avid omnivore you may add roasted chicken during the step where you pour in the reserved corn stock. Or just keep it vegetarian as this is a very satisfying soup without meat in it.



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