Kyle Walton Of Waco Boys Cooking Team

Tell me this guy doesn’t know his way around a barbecue pit. We like our pit bosses to look like pit bosses and Mr. Walton fills the bill.

He heads up the Waco Boys Cooking Team, a group of men from Waco Texas who live for barbecue, Texas and cold beer. Their recent appearance at the Brady Texas World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off saw the team walk away with the coveted “hospitality” award.

The men set up an encampment that was essentially a cross between a commercial kitchen and a full bar. Barbecue pits, deep fryers, the best travel cooler we can find and campers littered the site in Richards Park in Brady Texas.

Hundreds of people made their way through the camp, each leaving with a big plate of expertly cooked food and enough beer to send them straight to the hoosegow.

No matter, it’s live and let live in Brady unless you’re spoiling for a fight in which case you’re going straight to jail.

Visiting with the Waco Boys Cooking Team is one of the highlights of the Texas barbecue circuit we’ve found ourselves on these past few years.

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