Mi Ranchito is one of the few taquerias in Austin that we get excited about that does not make their tortillas from scratch.

They just do everything else at such a high level that we forgive them this shortcut. Behold their salsa bar for instance as it sits at the pinnacle of Austin condiment bars. Perhaps that should be a subject for exploration: who has the best salsa bar in Austin? We think we already know the answer.

Situated in a tiny quick mart in a forgotten corner of southeast Austin, Mi Ranchito dispenses tacos, burgers and tamales to a bustling crowd of workmen, office gals, neighborhood folks, salesmen and people just trying to grab a quick bite of delicious Mexican food before they get back to their appointed affairs.

We love their carnitas, swoon for their barbacoa and always grab a few tamales to take back to the house but it’s their salsa bar that compels us to make the ten mile drive from our home in East Austin.

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5200 E William Cannon Dr

Austin, TX


(512) 632-9196

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