While we didn’t make it out to tiny Coupland, Texas to visit the old dancehall too often, the nights we did will not soon be forgotten.

With a history stretching all the way back to 1910, it’s a shame to see Central Texas lose such an icon. We once saw the Gourds play on a frigid Winter’s evening after eating big plates of sirloin steak and fried catfish in the restaurant. The best band in Austin was well received by a crowd of folks in pressed Wranglers, pearl snaps and Resistol cowboy hats.

We’d love to hear the story behind the shotgun blast that had torn into the old wooden bar on a wild night long ago.

Any old timers out there attend the Canned Heat show back when Moses was young?

We reckon the old Inn was probably pretty hopping back when it was still a bordello. Anything to soothe the tattered spirits brought on by prohibition.

All hope is not lost however. Fully functioning, century old Texas dancehalls are getting to be scarce. We imagine an entrepreneur with deep pockets rescuing the old girl before her fields become too fallow.

101 Hoxie

Coupland, Texas


(512) 856-2226

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