Lonesome Dove chef Tim Love is up in Aspen Colorado at The Food & Wine Classic pounding shots, building fires and cooking big piles of meat.

Advice for the home cook from the meat and wood burning obsessed Love:

Go wild when you’re seasoning your meat. How wild? “I’m talking about heart attack seasoning.” Good advice. A lot of the salt falls off the meat while it’s on the grill so I use about twice as much as one would think is reasonable.

Peanut oil is his favorite for when he gets his grill “screaming hot”.

More sage advice.

I keep bran oil, peanut oil and coconut oil on hand for when it’s time to cook with extreme heat. They’re all fine oils and far superior to the lowly olive oil when it comes time to go hot in your cooking.

And on using marinades in your grilling, Love’s no fan “You want the meat to taste like meat. You don’t want it to taste like Worcestershire sauce. If you want to taste Worcestershire sauce, have a shot of it with your steak,”

Here’s a hot link to a video interview with Chef Love at the festival.


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