Tootie Montana’s funeral in Treme (photo courtesy AP)

Black Masking Indian gangs will gather tomorrow, January 6th 2021, at St Augustine Church in the 6th Ward of New Orleans to honor Big Chief of the Yellow Pocahontas, Tootie Montana.

A few old-timers may remember Montana’s great-uncle, Chief Becate Batiste who founded the Creole Wild West back in 1880.

Creole Wild West are recognized as being the first Black Masking Indian groups.

Tootie Montana died on June 27, 2005 as he was speaking out against police brutality in front of New Orleans City Council.

Tomorrow is officially Tootie Montana Day in New Orleans.

The gathering will take place at the Tomb of the Unknown Slave outside St Augustine Church in Treme at 3:30pm.

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

The greatest soul singer to ever come out of New Orleans was born on this day in 1932. Thousands of singers have sprung from the breast of mother New Orleans and arguments could be made for dozens that they are “the best.”

But, just put on A Losing Battle, the Dr John-written and produced track that Adams put out in 1962 and tell me that he had a better.

Need more proof? Drop the needle on I Won’t Cry.

Who’s better? I’ll wait right here.

I got to see Mr Adams one time when I was still a teenager, and had a laughable fake ID that got me in the door of the storied Eldorado Club in the depths of Birmingham’s notorious West End.

He strolled onto the tiny stage wearing a super-sharp, 70s-looking two-piece suit, and proceeded to tear the house down for two hours including one of the fieriest encores I’ve ever heard in my life.

Johnny Adams passed away in 1998.

9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

I miss Hubig’s Pies. It was on this day back in 2006 that the old New Orleans pie maker reopened after temporarily closing due to Hurricane Katrina. There was a landrush at Frady’s One Stop when those pies hit the shelves. I’d give a king’s ransom for just one of Hubig’s coconut pastries.

What was your favorite Hubig’s pie?

Scrumptious Chef Master Stock

In the third week of December back in 2015, I started my journey towards Master Stock. China is the culinary Mesopotamia of Master Stock with some families’ versions dating back over 100 years. I’ll be dead and gone long before my stock can approach that level of maturity.

When you walk down the path towards Master Stock you are committing yourself to reinvigorating the mother at least once a week until the day you die.

I’ve done this roughly 250 times in the past five years. It’s not drudgery. Frankly, it’s a pleasure.

Master Stock