Notes On The Celebration Of Life Music Festival in Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana (photo: Opelousas Daily World)

It should have been the biggest party Louisiana ever saw. The Celebration of Life in 1971 was to be a deep south version of Woodstock where the hippies, rednecks and Cajuns all beat their feet in unison on that sweet Point Coupee, Parish mud. Continue Reading

Dixie Brewing announces plans to change its name

Dixie Beer has now been consigned to the dustbin of history. Brought down by etymological ties to an old South that no longer exists.

This morning, brewery owner Gayle Benson announced there is a “process underway to change the name of Dixie Brewery and all Dixie-branded products.” Continue Reading

Music From The Devil’s Swamp: Notes On The Life Of Silas Hogan

I don’t believe the blues gonna die, the blues was here when nothing else was here and I think it’ll be here when everything else is gone, it’s gonna be right here.

In his later years Louisiana bluesman Silas Hogan had the appearance of a country minister. He kept his snowy white hair cropped close, and favored brilliant white dress shirts with slacks and well-polished shoes. Of course the man wore a necktie. Continue Reading